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Svetlana Zdasyuk

"Accordion is a beautiful instrument, that can work wonders in hands of true master."
  • Laureate of the Zhinovich Republic competition of folk instrument players (1985 .)
  • Diplomant of the Republic competition in systematic and creative work of teachers of art and culture schools of Belarus.

Svetlana is a teacher of accordion. She grew up many talanted musicians, who became laureates of various Republic and International competitions and festivals.

In the orchestra Svetlana plays accordion. She is a very talanted performer and plays temperamentally and virtuosly!

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About the orchestra
Musical fragments
Interesting links
The others 
Lyudmila Sirichnik - the artistic administrator, conductor
Elena Ivashkevich - domra
Anzhela Zhukovich - domra
Lyubov Geits - cymbals
Oksana Gorgiyuk - violin
Zhanna Zholudeva - alto domra
Zhanna Basalai - alto domra
Igor Sirichnik - bayan
Elena Luksha - bayan
Svetlana Zdasyuk - accordion
Tamara Zaretskaya - percussion
Tatiana Zinevich - secunda balalaika
Valentina Kosach - alto balalaika
Sergei Aleksandrovich - bass guitar
Nadezhda Peshevich
Elena Govin
Ivan Yakovlev
Elena Guminskaya